Workshop on RF IC and Verilog-A by Cadence



Dates 10-13 February 2014

This is an introductory level 4-day workshop designed for students and engineers who are interested in learning about RF Integrated Circuit (RFIC) Design and modeling using Verilog-A using Cadence EDA tools. Detailed information about the various types of RF analysis techniques and an overview of analog modelling are covered in this workshop.


Who should attend?
This workshop assumes basic understanding of electronic circuits. Thus professionals, professors and students involved in RF integrated circuit design should benefit immensely from this course. Moreover a professional designer who wishes to learn about RF IC Design and modeling in Verilog-A can also attend this course.


o Introduction
o RF in the Spectre Environment
o Quasi-Periodic Steady State Analysis (QPSS)
o The Time Domain Solver
o RF Accelerators
o Linear Periodically Time Varying Circuits
o Noise Analysis
o Voltage Controlled Oscillators
o Envelope Analysis
o Basic Modeling Concepts
o Verilog-A Flow and Simulation
o Design of Verilog-A Modules
o Verilog-A Modeling descriptions