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WaferCatalyst Project Award for 2014

‘WaferCatalyst Project Award for 2014’ have been announced on July 10, 2014. These awards are based on the ” WaferCatalyst Graduation Project List 2013” and “WaferCatalyst Post-Graduate Project List 2013“.

The winner for the WaferCatalyst Project Award 2014 (for projects titles provided in 2013) is Dr. Arsalan Jawed’s group in PAF Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology, Karachi, Pakistan for the post-graduate project titled “Serial transceiver (LVDS/CML) at 2 Gbps for data communication with Display terminals”.

The award comes with free fabrication area to further enhance the research work. We congratulate Dr. Arsalan and his students for the great work. The report for this project is available to those interested in working in this area through the WaferCatalyst Portal Support Area.


WaferCatalyst Awards Best Papers in the 2nd Saudi International Electronics, Communications and Photonics Conference, Riyadh 27-30 April, 2013 (SIECPC)

WaferCatalyst has awarded free fabrication area to top papers in the 2nd International Electronics, Communications and Photonics Conference, Riyadh 27-30 April, 2013 (SIECPC) Each awarded paper was selected from a large number of papers submitted to the conference by an elite panel of judges based on the technical merits of the investigation. The winning papers were awarded prizes during the conference. In addition to the prizes the winners are eligible for free fabrication area of 1 square millimeter per paper using WaferCatalyst’s Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) services. For more information about the terms and conditions, technology node and tapeout timing please refer to WaferCatalyst Support.



Award winner images





A complete list of papers that were selected for the Award is as follows.

1- Embedded system : Multi-Primary Ownership Partitioning Protocol For Highly Scalable and Available Replication Services, by Almetwally Mostafa and Ahmed Youssef.

2- Communication : Progressive Image Transmission over OFDM with Rate and Power Allocation, by Usama Sayed, Osama Ahmed and Ahmed Soliman.

3- Photonics: Numerically Investigating the cause of Broadband Lasing from InAs/InP Quantum-dash Laser, by Mohammed Zahed Mustafa Khan, Tien Khee Ng and Boon S. Ooi. ( second picture )

4- Electronics: Challenges in Implementation of Silicon-based DNA Hybridization Sensors, by Mohammad Waleed Shinwari. ( first picture )

5- Post graduate: Memristor-Based Memories: Challenges and Opportunities, by Mohammed Zidan and Khaled Salama