Partners – E-learning

WaferCatalyst would release updated lists of E-Learning course content to be generated in the following categories.


  • Core course content
  • Advanced course content
  • Public content

Format for E-learning courses (recommended)

  • Learning objectives
  • Estimate time needed
  • Target attendees
  • Discussion Forum
  • Internal Resources
  • WIKI
  • Article(s)
  • Related courses – created by the author
  • External Resources
  • Links of good articles
  • Links to related (preferably short) videos
  • Assessed exercises
  • Simulation based assignment
  • Assignment upload

Note: referencing of articles/WIKI content is compulsory


The training programs under this program would be governed by ‘T&C of WaferCatalyst E-Learning Partner’s Program’ which can be provided to interested parties.  All courses submitted would be assessed by WaferCatalyst Technical Committee to grade it for completeness, user friendliness and usefulness and are awarded credits as below.

Credits for PP-E-learning