Partner – Training

Partners can conduct trainings and workshops in collaboration with WaferCatalyst to contribute to the ecosystem and earn benefits from the partnership.


WaferCatalyst contribution to partners

WaferCatalyst would contribute to the partner and the overall ecosystem in the following manner.

  • WaferCat Credits
  • WaferCatalyst brand affiliation
  • Marketing support
  • Technical assistance/Quality Assurance
  • Training kit
  • Optional provision of material*
  • PDK(s) for training*
  • EDA licenses*

* Case to case basis


Partner contribution

Partners would be contributing to the joint training program in the following possible ways.

Services that can be contributed by partners are,

  • Training Content
  • Lead trainer/Support staff
  • Training Venue


Points table

The training programs under this program would be governed by ‘T&C of WaferCatalyst Branded Training Programs’ which can be provided to interested parties. The credits table is given below.

Credits for Partner Prog-Training