Intensive course on Analog AND RF Circuits

Dates: 20 April 2013 – 24 April 2013

Course Overview

This is an intensive course designed for engineers who are interested in learning more about Analog and RF Integrated Circuit (IC) Design.

Who should attend?

This workshop assumes basic understanding of semiconductor devices, analog circuitry and EDA tool usage. If you are interested in Analog and RF circuit design with the underlying issues in the design of such circuits, then this is an ideal workshop for you. Moreover the workshop will expose participants to Cadence EDA software.

Trainer Profile

The training shall be conducted by Prof. Dr. Hamed Mazhab-Jafari, University of Toronto, Canada.

Training Content

Day1 Morning (3-4 hours)

● MOSFET device fundamentals

● Basic amplifier configurations Afternoon (3-4 hours)

● MOSFET characterization and simulations

● Basic amplifier design and simulations

Day2 Morning (3-4 hours)

● Single ended and fully differential OpAmp design and analysis

● Noise, stability, linearity and monte-carlo analysis Afternoon (3-4 hours)

● OpAmp simulations and characterization

● OpAmp biasing and layout considerations

Day3 Morning (3-4 hours)

● Advanced analog circuits building blocks

● Nyquist rate ADCs and DACs Afternoon (3-4 hours)

● Design and simulations of bandgap reference voltage

● Design and simulation of 8-bit DAC

Day4 Morning (3-4 hours)

● Fundamentals of RF design and analysis: S-parameters, power and noise matching, bandwidth analysis and linearity Afternoon (3-4 hours)

● Low noise amplifier design for RF applications

● Layout requirements and impact

Day5 Morning (3-4 hours)

● RF Mixer and VCO design and analysis Afternoon (3-4 hours)

● Mixer and VCO simulations and characterization