IC Manufacturing services

WaferCatalyst provides various IC manufacturing services to our customers. Our focus is to provide innovative and cost effective services for all of your small scale manufacturing requirements.


Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) fabrication

MPW is a technique to share the cost of mask sets and other manufacturing costs between many entities. This allows academic institution, commercial organizations and research groups to have cost effective, small quantity manufacturing of their products.

WaferCat works with a number of leading foundries to provide MPW services to our customers.


Packaging services

The ICs fabricated can be packaged through our partners who provide various packages. More details are available here.


Multi-Layer Mask (MLM)

Multi-Layer Mask is a technique used for reducing the number of masks required by placing images from multiple mask layers on a single reticle. This innovative technique reduces the cost of manufacturing for small scale production runs. We provide multi-layer masks service for a limited number of processes. More details are available here.