Frequently Asked Questions


This section provides the questions that we are asked frequently.

1. What does WaferCat mean?
WaferCat stands for Wafer Catalyst.

2. Do you provide MPW for all the processes from your partner fabs?
No, MPW is not offered for all the processes. However if you are interested in a particular process then you should contact us to check whether we can help.

3. Do you provide packaging services.
Yes, we provide a number of packages from our partners. If you have a specific request for a package, please contact us directly.

4. Who can sign WaferCat agreement in my organization?
The WaferCat agreement needs to be signed by a person who is authorized to sign legal agreements on behalf of the organization. It depends upon the organization’s own policies on who has the authorization to enter in a legal agreement with WaferCatalyst (KACST). Typically Professors are not able to sign such agreements unless they are specifically provided written authorization to sign it by the university’s legal department or higher authorities.

5. Do I need to go through the agreement process every time I want to fabricate?

For all typical cases the WaferCat Agreement is required only once. For subsequent times a signed purchase request form is adequate which can be signed by the person in-charge of the fabrication. It is possible that an updated agreement is required for some reason but this is not the usual practice.