E-Learning courses

Our main objective is to create a vibrant ecosystem that supports each other for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Thus, WaferCatalyst provides a large number of courses, both subscription based and public courses. There are a large number of WIKIs and forums so ecosystem participants from universities, industry and research organizations can generate content and support the ecosystem.

You can sign up or log into the WaferCat Design Portal for more information about our courses. Some of the current list is as follows. You can access all public courses here and request using the “Support Tab” any subscription based courses.


Analog / Mixed Signal WIKI and Forums (Public)

Digital Design WIKI and Forums (Public)

Analog Fundamentals (subscription)

AN1_1 – Commercial simulator – LTSpice

– AN3_2 – Single Transistor Amplifier

– AN4_1 – Analog Building Blocks

– AN4_2 – Differential and Operational Amplifiers

– AN4_3 – Cascode and Folded Cascode Amplifiers

– AN5_1 – Comparators