About Us

King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) is an independent scientific organization for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. WaferCatalyst (or WaferCat) is the result of its initiative called “Microelectronic Infrastructure Development Initiative” whose objective is to create a supporting environment and ecosystem for Microelectronics R&D for Saudi Arabia and regionally.

WaferCatalyst services are open to all commercial and academic institutions around the world. We work with major global partners for providing world class manufacturing as well as consultancy services to our customers for their design needs.

WaferCatalyst has been mandated to solve two major barriers of integrated circuit development and thus unleash the creativity of electronic engineers worldwide;


Barriers in IC Design

Barriers in IC Design







  • Lack of appropriate design software and expertise in using it.
  • Lack of specific design skills and expertise.
  • Lack of resources for IC fabrication.
  • Lack of easy access to wafer fabrication.


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